What is Controlled Demolition? Top 3 Things to Know!

What is Controlled Demolition Top 3 Things to Know

Controlled demolitions are the leading way to get rid of unwanted structures. There are a variety of techniques that are used in the demolition industry. Each technique has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, but each has one objective in mind – the demolition of the intended structure.

1. Brokk Demolition – The leading controlled demolition technique

The Brokk demolition technique involves the use of robots to safely and efficiently bring down a building. The robots demolish structures in record time, and are compact enough to be used in confined spaces. Further benefits of employing this controlled demolition technique include the health and safety of workers. Brokk robots are operated remotely, thereby ensuring that workers can carry out their task from a safe distance. Also, the robots do not produce harmful toxic fumes; and provide a dust-free and noise-free demolition experience.

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2. Hydraulic bursting – for silent demolition of concrete, stone and masonry structures

If you’re looking for a controlled demolition technique that’s both silent and dust-free then look no further than hydraulic bursting. This demolition technique is particularly used where concrete, stone and masonry structures need to be removed with minimal noise and vibration. If hospitals, schools, supermarkets, offices and homes need a noise-free demolition, then hydraulic bursting is probably the method to use.

This method involves the use of diamond drilling machines to drill holes where hydraulic buster heads will then be put, and the pressure raised to break up the material in a controlled manner. The concrete cracks subsequently instead of shattering into miniscule particles.

A big advantage of this technique is that the demolition equipment is handheld, allowing demolition experts to access confined spaces.

3. Building implosion – for demolition of mega structures in a matter of seconds

Building implosion is a technique used when mega structures such as bridges, stadia, mall complexes, and high rise buildings need to be demolished. The process involves the inlay of dangerous explosives, linked to detonation cord that’s placed strategically across the condemned building, all set to a timer. When it’s show time, the demolition trigger is then pulled.

Everything is done precisely to ensure that the building implodes as intended, and doesn’t damage any of the neighbouring structures. There is no room for error because demolition happens in a matter of seconds. The two biggest disadvantages of this method are the noise factor and the amount of dust that’s raised as the building implodes.

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