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Asbestos Waste Removal Sydney

Asbestos Waste Removal Sydney

Amigos Demolition Sydney has offered the best asbestos waste removal services in Sydney and New South Wales. Every project is planned, designed and executed to fit the needs of our unique customers.

Do You Need Asbestos Waste Removal Services?

Amigos Demolition Sydney has been offering asbestos removal and cleanup services to different clients in Sydney for decades. From tiny garage cleanups to huge warehouse projects, our asbestos investigation and removal team has handled all sorts of jobs. We have tackled other toxins apart from asbestos in many projects.

We simplify your asbestos waste removal needs

  • We are licensed asbestos waste removers
  • Safety is first and all our workers follow procedure
  • We accomplish tasks safely and on time
  • Our asbestos work complies with Australian standards and legislation

Why Choose Us

  • Fully licensed and insured.
  • Many years of experience.
  • 6 Days operating a week
  • Large Fleet of Excavators & Trucks available.
  • Worked for government, commercial & private sector

What You Might Be Dealing With

There are different types of asbestos.

Friable: This is any material that has dry asbestos which turns into powder when dried and crushed. If any form of pressure can pulverize and turn this dry asbestos into powder, people are exposed to it as airborne asbestos fibers. This type has a higher chance of exposing people to airborne asbestos fibers.

Non-friable: Asbestos cement sheeting and other materials which are not friable are in this category. If this kind is degraded or gets damaged, it could become friable and pose a higher danger than the originally friable asbestos.

Choose Expert Asbestos Waste Removal Services!

Amigos Demolition Sydney are proven experts in Asbestos Waste Removal & excavation in Sydney. We carry out work on a medium scale as well as large scale commercial facilities. We are known in Sydney as the experts at effective, timely and on budget demolition. Our professionalism does not end on site. After sorting the recyclable materials from non-recyclable, we visit recycle yards to reduce landfill and contribute positively to the environment. We consider safety cleanup after the job is done so that workers can move on to the next phase of the building project


At Amigos our aim is to provide Professional Demolition Services.Our Goals are to reliable,affordable and deliver a high level of customer service to our new and existing clients.

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