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Residential Demolition Sydney

Residential Demolition Sydney

Amigos Demolition Sydney has offered the best residential demolition services in Sydney and New South Wales. Every project is planned, designed, and executed to fit the needs of our unique customers

Do You Need Residential Demolition Services in Sydney?

Whether you are a property developer, property owner, or builder in need of site clearing services to erect your desired building, Amigos Demolition Sydney will get the job done. We can handle the removal of buildings, vegetation, dwellings, and foot stumps as well as basement digging and ground leveling excavations. No matter what your unique needs are for your site, we will get it done and ready for your project on time. Would you like to retain some valuable fitting for resale, keep the swimming pool, leave some trees standing or the garage untouched? Give all your specific orders and we will deliver.

We Simplify your Residential Demolition Needs

  • Hazardous material removal
  • Asbestos investigation
  • Acquiring the needed permits
  • Develop work and safety plans for site
  • Sort out recyclable and non-recyclable material
  • Consider cleanup needs after demolition

Why Choose Us

  • Fully licensed and insured.
  • Many years of experience.
  • 6 Days operating a week
  • Large Fleet of Excavators & Trucks available.
  • Worked for government, commercial & private building sectors.

Choose Trusted Demolition Companies in Sydney

Amigos Demolition Sydney is a trusted expert in residential demolition. When looking for a demolition company for your commercial needs, choose us for effective, timely, and on-budget demolition. We carry out big and small commercial demolitions alike. You can trust us with your project even if there are special needs and considerations. Make the right decision to work with us today and discover just why we are the trusted demolition companies in Sydney.


At Amigos our aim is to provide Professional Demolition Services. Our Goals are to reliable, affordable, and deliver a high level of customer service to our new and existing clients.

Proven Track Record

Amigos Demolition Sydney has set a high standard in residential demolition in Sydney. We complete each project safely, on time, and on budget. Our team, headed by experienced professionals, will plan every step of the project according to specific needs. Amigos Demolition Sydney plans for and anticipated potential problems so that the end result, allocated time, and budget are not affected. From the most physically demanding projects to the regular activities, our solid team is well-equipped and experienced to handle it all. That is why we can handle your small and big jobs easily. We will keep you in the know as your project progresses. This way, you know when everything is happening and you can be part of the process.

Environment Conscious

We are environmentally conscious, and we take recycling seriously to reduce landfills. At Amigos Demolition Sydney, we take all measures to recycle, reuse or re-purpose materials to reduce waste. Our quotation will give you a full picture of everything required to demolish, excavate and ready your site for the next
part of your project.

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