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Commercial Demolition Sydney

Commercial Demolition Sydney

Amigos Demolition Sydney has offered the best commercial demolition services in Sydney and New South Wales. Every project is planned, designed and executed to fit the needs of our unique customers.

Do You Need Commercial Demolition Services?

Whether you want to clear a small commercial shop, a huge area for major development, or bring down a factory, Amigos Demolition Sydney can take charge of you. We have handled commercial demolition of all sizes in Sydney and are well experienced to take on your peculiar project. If you want a total or partial demolition, we can provide it. We never run away from the more complex projects. If your commercial demolition project requires working around certain structures, arranging limited vehicle access, drainage removal, traffic control, or hand stripping part of the work, we are more than capable.

We Simplify Your Commercial Demolition needs

  • Removing hazardous material
  • Investigating asbestos
  • Acquiring the necessary permits.
  • Develop specific work and safety plans for site
  • Remove roof structure.
  • Consider cleanup needs after demolition.

Why Choose Us

  • Fully licensed and insured.
  • Many years of experience.
  • 6 Days operating a week
  • Large Fleet of Excavators & Trucks available.
  • Worked for government, commercial & private sector

Choose Expert Commercial Demolition Services!

Amigos Demolition Sydney are proven experts in commercial demolition & excavation in Sydney. We carry out work on a medium scale as well as a large scale commercial facilities. We are known in Sydney as the experts at effective, timely and on budget demolition. Our professionalism does not end on site. After sorting the recyclable materials from non-recyclable, we visit recycle yards to reduce landfill and contribute positively to the environment. We consider safety cleanup after the job is done so that workers can move on to the next phase of the building project


At Amigos our aim is to provide Professional Demolition Services. Our Goals are to reliable, affordable, and deliver a high level of customer service to our new and existing clients.


Q1. What is commercial demolition?

The process of turning a commercial building into a vacant lot is known as commercial demolition. A building must be completely demolished for commercial purposes, including all non-structural work and site hauling.

There are several reasons for performing commercial demolition, but the most frequent ones are business relocation and parking space development. Commercial demolition has several various stages that have been developed over many generations of working practises, even though it requires less planning than other forms of construction work.

Q2. What are the different methods used for commercial demolition?

The three types of demolition methods, are manual demolition, high-reach demolition, and explosive demolition.

  1. Manual Demolition

Manual demolition includes the use of hand tools, such as sledgehammers, to dismantle a building or structure.

  1. High-Reach Demolition

High-reach demolition is used when demolishing tall buildings that cannot be safely demolished using manual methods.

  1. Explosive Demolition

Explosive demolition is a method that involves the use of explosives to take down a building or structure.

Why would a commercial property need to be demolished?

It may be necessary to demolish a commercial building because of structural instability, the presence of hazardous chemicals, obsolescence, or to make room for new construction. It is possible to improve both safety and economic value through demolition by making room for new construction that complies with community needs and building codes.

Q4. How much does commercial demolition typically cost?

The cost of commercial demolition depends on various factors like location, size of the building, materials, and complexity of the project. It also involves the complete or partial removal of commercial buildings such as hotels, shopping centres and office buildings. The cost of a commercial demolition averages between $75 to $100 per square metre.

Q5. How long does it typically take to complete a commercial demolition project?

The size and complexity of the structure affect how long it takes to finish a commercial demolition operation. In general, it can take a few weeks to many months. The timeline can also be impacted by elements like environmental rules, the presence of dangerous chemicals, and demolition techniques.

Q6. What safety measures are in place during commercial demolition?

A thorough site inspection, the use of fencing or other barriers to secure the area, the use of appropriate protective equipment (PPE), adhering to proper handling and disposal procedures for hazardous materials, hiring trained professionals with specialised equipment, and observing local laws and guidelines for safe demolition practises are all examples of commercial demolition safety measures.

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