Demolition Work Needed

Are you wondering what demolition work is all about?

Demolition is a messy and dangerous part of any building renovation if not done properly. Depending on what you’re demolishing, you need to use different tools to do a proper job. Professional demolition is a highly sophisticated craft that involves the use of hydraulic equipment with specialized attachments like cranes, loaders, and in some cases explosives. Here is an explanation of why demolition work is needed.
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STEP 1: Demolition work

All demolition work that is carried out by a qualified and experienced demolition contractor gets completed in a controlled environment. This is very essential as it ensures the safety of the demolition team, stakeholders, and the surrounding general public.

 STEP 2: Demolition of an existing building

Demolition work is needed when the building is too old and cannot be put to further use. Demolition of a building means tearing down or falling down of a building with the help of equipment or explosives.

STEP 3: New buildings or development of a city

When new buildings are created, demolition work is needed to remove previously existing structures and clear more space that is required. As businesses expand, there is a need for additional space, and pre-existing structures may require deconstruction for additional room.

  • Hazard reduction

If a nearby building is going up in flames, the area may need clearing. The flame hazards and explosive fuel may require safe demolition work of nearby structures for future safety measures.

  • Damaged structures

A damaged pre-existing structure or structural failure of a building is often a paramount reason for engaging in demolition work. Damaged structures may require demolition work when encroaching upon a building’s vital facilities, such as underground plumbing lines, electric utility lines, and public transportation areas.

  • Interior demolition

Interior demolition is the non-structural demolishing of spaces within a structure which is usually done in preparation for reuse and upgrading of the space. This can be interior wall and ceiling removal, demolition of flooring and some utility services, salvage, and selective structural demolition.

  • Demolition work plan

Building and demolition work are completely different and require different approaches. Building work takes time while demolition takes consideration. Demolishing a building or any structure is not easy, and requires careful, detailed planning before work starts so it can be carried out safely.
The demolition work plan provides the necessary processes and procedures for demolition and removal works at sites. It involves identifying hazards, assessing risks, and determining appropriate control measures and is done in consultation with all relevant persons involved in the work. These include the principal contractor, demolition contractor, and structural engineers.

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