Demolition Services in Canberra

Demolition serving in the greater Canberra area

Are you looking for an expert demolition company?

AMIGOS DEMOLITION SYDNEY is a leading demolition company that serves the residents of Canberra and the state of New South Wales. With extensive resources and specialist equipment to get the job done, AMIGOS DEMOLITION should you be your number one go-to for any and all of your demolition projects. No project is too small or too big to handle.

Don’t Try This at Home! Call the Demolition Experts

Demolition isn’t a DIY home project you can attempt over the weekend. Carrying out demolition work whether in a residential area or commercial area carries significant risks. Falling debris, unstable structural systems, and exposed electrical wires can all pose an untold danger to those working on the site and those in the neighboring vicinity.  That’s why when it comes to demolition work only suitably licensed and qualified demolition contractors should do the job.

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Wide Range of Services

AMIGOS DEMOLITION offers a wide range of demolition services ranging from commercial, industrial and residential projects. Our demolition experts have years of experience and operate under the state’s Quality, Safety, and Environment Management Systems. We are also fully insured so you have nothing to worry about. We also work with special tools designed specifically for this type of work.

No Task too Big or too Small

We take pride in getting the job done – and done right. The demolitions happen on time, safely and right within your budget. Whatever your demolition project, whether you need internal strip outs done, concrete penetrations carried out, industrial dismantling issued or just structural demolition, we are the right team for the job. No task is too big, and definitely, no task is too small for our team.

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The Process

We take every precautionary step to ensure that our workers are protected as well as all those in the neighboring area in which we are about to carry out a demolition project. We provide protective equipment for our teams such as hard hats and respiratory protection gear. We place signage to warn people that this area is unstable and restricted before, during and after the demolition, until we have cleared everything and deemed it safe.

Amigos Demolition Sydney Abilities

  • Experts you can trust
  • Equipped with specialist tools and equipment
  • Boasting a wide range of resources
  • Operating under designated Quality, Safety and Environment Management Systems
  • Fully insured

Qualified and Experienced

AMIGOS DEMOLITION SYDNEY has been in business for many years serving the greater Canberra area. Our team of friendly and professional contractors is a competitive lot that delights in rendering a fast and expert service. Thanks to our extensive fleet of OH & S compliant earthmoving machinery we are able to take on projects of any magnitude. Have a look at some of our past projects to get an idea of the level of our capabilities.

Demolition serving in the greater Canberra area

So if you’re thinking of a demolition hire Canberra team, look no further than AMIGOS DEMOLITION SYDNEY. Get in touch with us today for a non-binding free quote.